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The kit that turns your old jars, cans, cups and mugs into a self-watering herb garden. Currently live on Indiegogo. Limited Early Bird discounts available - don't miss out.


What is Bottle Farm?

The kit that turns any plastic bottle into an indoor garden. Assemble your kit, sow the seeds and watch your plants grow.

  • Grow the freshest ingredients

    Stick Bottle Farm to your kitchen window and have fresh herbs at your fingertips with minimal effort.

  • Transform your waste

    One million plastic bottles are sold every minute. This kit has everything you need to turn any used bottle into an indoor farm, right down to the seeds.

  • Good for the planet

    Growing fresh food at home is an easy way to avoid plastic packaging and reduce your food's carbon footprint. Bottle Farm is made from 95% recycled material.

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Grow again and again

Choose from a range of herbs, vegetables and leafy greens. Grow Packs come with everything you need to grow again.


Support your plants

Stick Grow Clips to the window above Bottle Farm to give plants support. Add and adjust as the plants grow.


It all started in our parent's shed...

in London in 2019. Our mission is simple. Get more people growing, and have a positive environmental impact.