Meet the mini - now live on Indiegogo

The kit that turns your old jars, cans, cups and containers into a self-watering herb garden. Now live on Indiegogo. Limited Early Bird discounts available - don't miss out.


Grow fresh food anywhere

Watch your kitchen burst to life and give your used packaging a new purpose

Clever hydroponic design

The mini works with almost any container so you can give a new life to your used jars, cans and containers. It uses clever hydroponic technology - your plants grow faster than in soil and you don’t have to water them regularly.

Good for the planet

We are a small team of scientists and designers on a mission to get more people growing and have a positive environmental impact. The more food we grow ourselves, the less plastic wrapped supermarket produce we have to buy

Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Head there now to support our project and get your Mini.