Our mission

Bottle Farm Ltd was founded in London in 2019 by three friends. Our mission is simple. Get more people growing, and have a positive environmental impact.

Bottle Farm products allow you to upcycle everyday objects and use them to grow food at home. By making growing fun and easy, we aim to encourage more people to start growing their own food. Supermarket produce, often wrapped in plastic and transported by plane, has a large environmental impact. The more we grow at home, the better.

We launched our idea on Kickstarter in 2020, and our campaign was 100% funded in under 24 hours.

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Sustainable materials

We've made sure to use the most sustainable materials possible to make our products. Each kit is made from 95% recycled material.

Our packaging is grown not made. All our orders are shipped using sustainable plastic-free grass paper mailing bags.

  • Carbon neutral

    We manufacture in the UK and offset 100% of our carbon footprint by funding forestry and decarbonisation projects.

  • Recycled materials

    The kit is made from over 95% recycled material. The Bottle Stands and Grow Baskets are made using waste material from the factory floor.

  • Planting trees

    We help fund forestry projects, planting trees to increase biodiversity and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Slot Template download

Switching to a new bottle for your next grow? Click here to view and download the slot template. Then just stick it on and cut around the dotted line.