Rocket Grow Pack

Refill Pack


Grow peppery rocket in your Bottle Farm. Contains Plant Fuel, Grow Pods and tomato seeds.

Powerful hydroponic technology

Plant Fuel  contains all the nutrients your plants need to thrive. It dissolves directly into tap water and is drawn up by the plants roots.

The Rocket Grow Pack contains everything you need to grow peppery rocket (arugula) with Bottle Farm.

Quick to grow, these peppery leaves add flavour to any salad. Pack contains Plant Fuel, 4x Grow Pods, and rocket seeds.


30 seeds per Grow Basket

When to plant

February to September

Grow time

6 to 8 weeks


Grows to 15cm

Plant care

Once your seeds have germinated, thin out to 5 plants per Grow Basket

How to harvest

Pick the whole plant at once or pick off individual leaves and let them grow back again and again

Grow Basket with plant

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Explore the range and start growing fresh ingredients in your kitchen. Get three Grow Packs for £11.99 when you buy a Bottle Farm.

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