Tomato Grow Pack

Refill Pack


Grow juicy cherry tomatoes in Bottle Farm. Contains Plant Fuel, Grow Pods and cherry tomato seeds.

Powerful hydroponic technology

Plant Fuel  contains all the nutrients your plants need to thrive. It dissolves directly into tap water and is drawn up by the plants roots.

The Tomato Grow Pack contains everything you need to grow cherry tomatoes with Bottle Farm.

A little bit of patience will reward you with bright red cherry tomatoes that taste great fresh or cooked in a sauce. Pack contains Plant Fuel, 4x Grow Pods, and cherry tomato seeds


10 seeds per Grow Basket

When to plant

March to April

Grow time

10 to 12 weeks


Grows to 40cm

Plant care

Once the first leaves develop, thin out to one plant per Grow Basket. When the flowers appear, gently shake the plants to encourage self pollination. If the plants get too tall, use Grow Clips to support them.

How to harvest

The tomatoes will turn from green to red when they are ready to be picked

Grow Basket with plant

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